Links of Interest: April 29, 2020

News Kobo CEO Michael Tamblyn took to Twitter to complain about people submitting ebooks about fake COVID-19 cures through their self-publishing platform. So far, Kobo is rejecting more than half of submitted titles that deal with the virus: “They are filled with near-criminal snake-oil quackery, conspiracy theories, and raw disinformation.” He also takes issue with titles … Read more

Hot Shots: April 29, 2020

Recently in the headlines Publishers Weekly launches #BooksAreEssential campaign, inspiring both support and critiqueWith its April 20 issue, Publishers Weekly launched #BooksAreEssential, a campaign to “highlight the role books play in the health of American culture.” The prompt: take a picture of yourself reading, with the book partially covering your face. In its magazine pages and on … Read more