Links of Interest: December 22, 2021

News Movie tie-ins negatively affected by COVID. Hollywood loves building on existing IP, and publishers benefit in the form of book sales. But the pandemic has shifted release dates and affected distribution strategies. Read Karen Raugust at Publishers Weekly. Hudson’s not doing so bad. The travel bookstore often found in airports speaks with Publishers Weekly about sales trends.&nbsp … Read more

Links of Interest: December 8, 2021

Traditional Publishing Some publishers might return to printing their own books. Supply chain issues and long wait times for book printing could lead to publishers becoming printers once again. Read Kenneth Whyte in SHuSH. Maybe gargantuan social media followings don’t sell books after all? Or could it be that publishers naively expect books to sell themselves without any … Read more

Links of Interest: October 27, 2021

Surprises An award-winning Spanish female crime writer is in fact three men. They are all TV scriptwriters using a pseudonym. They’ve spent years doing interviews under the fake profile. No comment yet from publisher Penguin Random House. Read Hannah Ryan at CNN. Do you enjoy the show Succession? Book publishing has its own succession story now . . . … Read more